• ScienceJun 30@ 10:04 pmAlex Lamoreaux

    Baby Barn Owl Banding!

    This evening I was able to tag along to watch Nate McKelvie, environmental educator at the Milton Hershey School, band four juvenile Barn Owls from one of the Hershey Trust’s old barns on the north side of Hershey. This is one of two known nesting sites in the area this year. The four juveniles were between 41 and 50 days+

  • Fourth Annual 4th of July Birding Challenge!

    It’s a big year for the annual Nemesisbird 4th of July Birding Challenge: It’s an election year in the US+

  • What’s left of the Prairie State…

    After a very busy May, which included (winning!) the Birding Cup in central PA and then guiding at the Biggest+

  • Lewes Pelagic – June 4th, 2016

    Another boatload of anxious birders gathered at Fisherman’s Wharf in Lewes this past Friday evening for an overnight Seelife Paulagics trip+