• Here is how Pokemon Go is birding.

    So Nintendo emerged from its decade long slump and finally released a hit, although this time it wasn’t on its own console, but on iPhone and Android smartphones. Pokemon GO basically forces users to move around (literally) to collect classic Pokemon characters through their smart phone screens in the real world. It brings out the hoarding habits of the 14-year-old+

  • Uptown Yellow-crowns

    For PA birders looking for some exciting mid-summer birding, the Susquehanna River through Harrisburg offers+

  • What’s left of the Prairie State…

    BirdingJun 29@ 6:50 pmAlex Lamoreaux

    After a very busy May, which included (winning!) the Birding Cup in central PA and then guiding at the Biggest Week in American Birding, I ventured out to central Illinois to help with some bird surveys on two proposed wind+

  • Lewes Pelagic – June 4th, 2016

    General News and InfoJun 11@ 8:00 amAlex Lamoreaux

    Another boatload of anxious birders gathered at Fisherman’s Wharf in Lewes this past Friday evening for an overnight Seelife Paulagics trip into Maryland (and a little bit of Delaware) waters. Weather conditions looked fantastic for the day ahead with light east+

  • Ancient Murrelet – Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge

    General News and InfoJun 6@ 4:48 pmKeenan Yakola

    During the summer I am beyond fortunate to be one of the research supervisors on Seal Island NWR (restricted access). SINWR is located just 22 miles from Rockland, Maine and is managed by the National Audubon Seabird Restoration Program, aka+

  • Screech-Owls at the Biggest Week

    Bird SightingsMay 30@ 8:00 amAlex Lamoreaux

    Besides mind-blowing views of 30+ warbler species, another highlight for many birders during the Biggest Week in American Birding is seeing Eastern Screech-Owls sleeping out in the open. These little, camouflaged owls often have their cover blown by angry flocks of songbirds+


  • Bird SightingsMay 29@ 8:09 pmAlex Lamoreaux

    Unusual American Golden-Plover – McLean County, Illinois

    Vast agricultural areas aren’t exactly the first landscape that comes to mind when thinking of ideal migrant shorebird habitat. For me the vast coastal marshes of the Delmarva will always be at the top of the list for the country’s best shorebird-watching, but while doing bird surveys in central Illinois recently I was happy to encounter many large flocks of American Golden-Plovers flying+

  • Rajah Scops Owl: Malaysian Mega

    Rare birds are cool. This much we know. But what happens when a rare bird transitions from a neat stroke+