About Zachary DeBruine

Not too many people keep a lifelist at Age 7 by themselves. I did. But it didn't get above 60 until I tagged along on a birding walk outside the yard at age 14. Here I realized that there actually were people called "birders" who love birds, just like myself. A year later I began eBirding, and I have been an advocate of the program ever since. My interest in Cornell's eBird program is constantly increasing, perhaps spurred on by my inquisitive scientific nature (I'm pursuing a major in Biochemistry at Hope College, MI). Two years ago I started web developing, and have made significant contributions to the birding world since then through my Google Gadgets. Just two years after I began eBirding I was named "eBirder of the Month" by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in January, 2012. I continue to explore new technologies which I publish on my website, and work actively to promote eBird by either helping birders learn to use the program or giving web developers tips on taking advantage of eBird's great dataset.

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Busily foraging among the shorebirds was fun, but flying down the beach for some free popcorn sounded even better to the gull - offering me a nice flyby photo opportunity! (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)