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Drew is the founder and editor of Nemesis Bird and now works to curate some of the best content the web has to offer on birding and ornithology from an energetic crew of ornithologists, field researchers, tour leaders and photographers. Drew is originally from PA but now lives in central New York where he is enjoying the long and snowy winters. He has done various bird jobs including bird surveys for the 2nd PA Breeding Bird Atlas, tracked saw-whet owls from dusk to dawn with Scott Weidensaul and counted hawks for several years for Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Drew is an avid lister, especially on smaller scales, and enjoys adding new birds to county, state and life lists. He also enjoys digiscoping and making apps for birders. He is Project Coordinator for the Merlin Project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He is also project manager for the North American Rare Bird Alert.

  • Ironically I got a 69 but I still feel more confident in my ID abilities after taking this quiz.

  • I still think #2 is a Cooper’s

    • So I originally had it set to randomize the photos, but that doesn’t help if there are questions on ID so I turned that off. If you reload the page and click through the photos, which one is it? You don’t have to actually answer to click through them.

      • It was question 6 this time. It’s the soaring bird kind of in the lower lefthand part of the photo.

  • Ian Gardner

    Damn, missed one. 94% is still pretty good. At least I got the goshawk right. That’s promising.

  • Cory DeStein

    ugh 94% so close…

  • Leighann

    #6 has a pretty rounded tail for a Sharpie. But I got all but that one!

  • Gail

    If I got 8 out of 8, why is the score 94%?

    • Not sure Gail, did you accidentally click the wrong answer on one of them before correcting it? At least you know that you got 100%, thanks for playing!