How to React at the Biggest Week

Steve Brenner|

It’s almost here! With less than a month until the Biggest Week in American Birding Festival in northwest Ohio, we here at Nemesis Bird can hardly hide our excitement. Face-melting closeups of warblers, mind-blowing movements of mass migration, and the coolest crowd of birders hanging out in one place!?! I’ll admit, the festival can be a little overwhelming. Never fear, dear readers – we got you covered.

Below is a little “how to guide” for the best ways to react (and not react) during the Biggest Week. Crazy good looks at warblers can throw some people, so we outlined the “dos” and “do nots” for you into a comical youtube video. I hope you enjoy, and remember to sign up for the Biggest Week!

About the Author

Steve Brenner

Steve is a late bloomer when it comes to birding, but ever since taking Drew Weber's ornithology class at Penn State, it has been all downhill from there. He has worked a variety of bird field jobs from banding raptors in New Mexico to studying nesting endemics in Borneo. Currently, Steve is pursuing his Master's at the University of Rhode Island researching conservation of young forest birds. A proud resident of Buffalo, NY, Steve enjoys birding, photography, and exploring potential new hotspots.

  • Matthew W.

    That Mourning Warbler reaction was priceless – I think many of us can relate when trying to get looks at that little skulker.