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Snow Geese Flock

eBird: Agreeing to agree

eBird has done countless things to revolutionize birding, not the least of which includes elevating birding to a scientific pursuit, where a once recreational activity now has meaningful implications. What…

Bananaquit at Bubali Bird Sanctuary, Aruba on 24 June 2014. Photo by Tim Schreckengost.
Common Raven near Elkton, MD on 3 March 2014. Photo by Tim Schreckengost.
Peregrine Falcon - adult (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
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Snowy Owl eBird records for November 2013. Credit - eBird.org
Will someone find another Delaware Gray Kingbird? Photo by Tim Schreckengost.
Bombay Hook NWR, Delaware. I'll be visiting this refuge and probably Bombay Hook NWR during National Wildlife Refuge Week. Photo by Tim Schreckengost.
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