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This was a decent photo, up until I tried to get all artsy and festive and black out the bird and its perch rock. Chuckar, Antelope Island State Park, Utah, 6/17/15
Townsend's Solitaire (Photo by Nathan Goldberg)
Golden Eagle over observation in the Manzanos (photo by Steve Brenner)
Great Horned Owl roosting at Whitehall Farms (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
The crossbill often perched precariously as it consumed the seeds (Photo by Anna Fasoli)
Hoary Redpoll on Kato-Orviston Rd, Centre County, PA (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
Eagles come by very close to the watch site, this is what makes the Allegheny Front a great place to see Golden Eagles in the fall!!
Photo by Malcolm Harter

LIVE @ Allegheny Front Hawkwatch

Nemesis Bird– LIVE From the Allegheny Front Hawkwatch Live coverage by Mike and Alex at The Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology’s field trip to Allegheny Front. To get an automatic notification…

Sharp-shinned Hawk - adult (Photo By Anna Fasoli)
A Prairie Falcon (adult male) having fun along the cliffs below Dedication Point - Photo taken in Idaho by Alex Lamoreaux, 2011