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Mourning Warbler - Drew Weber

Weekend Digiscoping Spotlight 15

The Weekend Digiscoping Spotlight will highlight some of the fun shots we’ve gotten recently with a camera paired with a spotting scope. We welcome submissions of your favorite digiscoped shots…

Unknown Geothlypis Warbler - Harrisburg, PA (Photo by Sue Hannon)

Tricky Geothlypis Warbler – Harrisburg, PA

Check out these photos taken by Sue Hannon of a Geothlypis warbler found today in Highspire Park near Harrisburg, PA. The bird is absolutely a Mourning OR MacGillivray’s Warbler, but which…

Mourning Warbler - juvenile female (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Mourning Warbler – PSU Fall Banding

We had another great morning of bird banding in the PSU Arboretum today, with 4 warbler species captured including a stunning juvenile female Mourning Warbler. Other species captured this morning…

Northern Goshawk - recently-fledged juvenile (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
Nashville Warbler

A phenomenal day of banding

This morning was the last scheduled morning of banding for the Avian Outreach class. Despite some low expectations with the weather and lack of recent migration, the variety and numbers…