Barnacle Geese – Weir Lake, Monroe County, PA

Alex Lamoreaux|

It’s not often that Barnacle Geese show up in Pennsylvania, in fact there have been less than 20 instances of this beautiful goose in the state, but they are on the increase throughout the northeast and every winter more and more are discovered among flocks of Canada Geese as more birders get out there looking. Typically a sighting here in …


Pink-footed fiasco turns into a great day of birding!

Alex Lamoreaux|

This morning, Ian Gardner and I joined up and drove from Hershey out to Peace Valley Park in Bucks County, PA to try our luck at finding the Pink-footed Goose that has returned for its second winter in the area. The bird would have been a lifer for the both of us and a species I REALLY want to see, …

Eared Grebe – Cambria Co, PA

Alex Lamoreaux|

On the evening of April 24th I got a text from Michael David asking me to get the word out that he was currently looking at an Eared Grebe at Prince Gallitzin State Park in Cambria County.  My friends and I finally had a chance to run over and try to find the bird and we were lucky enough to find …


Harris’s Sparrow – Centre County, PA

Alex Lamoreaux|

Yesterday morning, Bob Snyder was leaving his house in Howard, PA to go to work when he noticed an interesting sparrow at his backyard bird feeders. After snapping a few photos, Bob realized it was an adult Harris’s Sparrow! This morning, Drew Weber and I drove over to Bald Eagle State Park while we waited to hear back from Bob …