This Week in Birding 54

Charlotte Wasylik|

This Week in Birding

:: One of the best bird news stories this week is that the Camp Perry Wind Project on Lake Erie has been halted. :: The Red Knot called Moonbird or B95 has been be seen for the second consecutive month, by researchers in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Moonbird was originally banded on February 20, 1995 and is now at least 20 years old, …

Birding Duval and Nassau Counties, Florida 12/29

Nathan Goldberg|

Hi everyone, My name is Nathan Goldberg, and I am happy to be a new blogger here at Nemesis Bird. I am a 17-year-old birder from Chicago, and I have been birding for four years now. Listing is a serious addiction of mine, and I’ve been bit hard by the county listing bug. Though friends keep telling me its only …

Stone Harbor Shorebirds

Alex Lamoreaux|

1 adult and 2 juvenile Red Knots on Stone Harbor Point (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Most of the Nemesis Bird team was in Cape May this past weekend for any overnight Paulagic trip, and some land-birding around southern New Jersey. Leica had loaned us Travis the Traveling Trinovid for the weekend, with the hopes that we might be able to pick up a few new birds for the binocular’s Big Year. By Sunday afternoon we …


First Day of Work on the Eastern Shore!

Alex Lamoreaux|

Yesterday afternoon I drove down to Kiptopeke, Virginia from State College to start my summer job with the Center for Conservation Biology. I have previously worked for the CCB capturing and tagging Whimbrel during the spring migration of 2010, and now this year I am back to work with the Whimbrels again! I will also be working with a wide …


Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, NJ

Corey Husic|

Last Saturday, I traveled to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park in New Jersey. Although slightly chilly, the sun and lack of wind made the birding conditions excellent… or at least better than most January days along the Jersey shore! Upon arriving, a small group of Black-crowned Night-Herons passed directly overhead, circling around the lighthouse several times before moving over the open …

Close Encounter of the Peregrine Kind

Alex Lamoreaux|

After enjoying Delaware’s 1st Anna’s Hummingbird on the morning of January 2nd Josh Lefever, Mark Mizak, and I drove towards Cape May, NJ. Our primary goal for the day was to spend some time birding Stone Harbor Point, one of my favorite birding locations in New Jersey. Stone Harbor Point rarely disappoints and more-often-than-not, we find species there that we don’t see …