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Red-tailed Hawk - Immature hunting along the road near Curwensville Dam (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
One of three Pine Grosbeaks at the Collins Landing rest area - a lifer for most of the birders on our trip! This bird is an immature male because of the orange-red wash on its head and rump. (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
Two of 3 Razorbills we saw at Barnegat Inlet, NJ (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
This light type immature Rough-legged Hawk was the last raptor we found on our WRS route today. (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
Eastern Screech-Owl - photo by Alex Lamoreaux
A dark type adult Rough-legged Hawk hovering near Taylor Hill Rd. (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
A Prairie Falcon (adult male) having fun along the cliffs below Dedication Point - Photo taken in Idaho by Alex Lamoreaux, 2011
female light type Rough-legged Hawk