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Merlin showing off, and passing by close to the platform. (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
Northern Goshawk -juvenile (photo by Anna Fasoli)

Northern Goshawk at Hawk Ridge

Earlier this month, I traveled to Duluth, Minnesota to bird with Naturally Avian‘s Erik Bruhnke. The timing of my trip was key, and I wanted to visit the well-known hawk…

Immature Northern Shrike at Lighthouse Point Park, CT. (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)
Eagles come by very close to the watch site, this is what makes the Allegheny Front a great place to see Golden Eagles in the fall!!
Photo by Malcolm Harter

PSO Field Trip – Allegheny Front Hawk Watch, 11 Nov 2012

Nemesisbird’s Mike Lanzone and Alex Lamoreaux along with Chad Kaufman helped lead a field trip offered by The Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology to the  Allegheny Front Hawk Watch, Sunday Nov…

Sharp-shinned Hawk adult - Photo by Alex Lamoreaux
Sharp-shinned Hawk - adult (Photo By Anna Fasoli)

Sharpie Video

Below are two short videos that I took of an adult female Sharp-shinned Hawk feeding on a European Starling. This is video of the same bird that I posted photos…

Sharp-shinned Hawk eating a starling!

This morning while scouting out a region of the State College CBC, Anna and I stopped to watch as two Sharp-shinned Hawks (an adult and a juvenile) and one Cooper’s…