LIVE @ Allegheny Front Hawkwatch

Mike Lanzone|

Nemesis Bird– LIVE From the Allegheny Front Hawkwatch

Live coverage by Mike and Alex at The Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology’s field trip to Allegheny Front. To get an automatic notification each time we go live, go to this link , and click “follow” under Nemesis Bird Live! We will be broadcasting LIVE on and off throughout the day, hopefully some nice feeds of the days happenings and raptors going by, including Golden Eagles! Feel free to chat with us below the video!!


A full field trip report can be found here

Some highlights of the day are below-

Golden Eagle 20X-

Golden Eagle-

Watchsite and some of the field trip participants-

Northern Harrier-

Red-shouldered Hawk-


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About the Author

Mike Lanzone

Mike started birding when he was 8, and has worked as a field ornithologist for various state, federal, and private organizations across the United States and Mexico. Recently he was the Assistant Coordinator for the 2nd Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas and the Biotechnology and Biomonitoring Lab Supervisor stationed at Powdermill, the biological research station of Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

In the spring of 2011 he was awarded the Conservation Award from the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology for the work done on eastern Golden Eagles. Currently, Mike is the Chief Executive Officer of Cellular Tracking Technologies in Somerset, PA. His major foci include Golden Eagle flight behavior and telemetry and nocturnal monitoring of birds using flight calls. A lot of his work recently has focused on advances in the application of bioacoustics to the monitoring of geographically remote breeding populations of songbirds in North America and, hopefully, around the world.

When he isn’t working he spends much of his time outside birding, photography and gardening. In addition to serving on several board of directors for NGOs, Mike currently serves on the Pennsylvania Ornithological Records Committee and is the vice president for Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology.