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Drew Weber|

[dc]A[/dc] few of us from the Nemesis Bird team are excited to be heading to The Biggest Week in American Birding in NW Ohio for some spring migration excitement. Anna, Alex, Justine and Drew have been invited to attend the festival as Official Bloggers for the event. We will be joining a crew of excellent bird bloggers from across the country who we are very excited to meet. Our plans are to drive out there on Sunday, May 6  and pick up Anna on the way. With all the great photo opportunities we will be posting a lot of updates from the field. After birding our brains out for 4 days, we plan on leaving Thursday, May 10, if we can tear ourselves from the action.

We are all looking forward to crippling closeup views of spring warblers, a group that Alex has largely missed out on the past few years due to field work out west and a trip to South Africa. We are also pumped about the idea of possibly seeing Kirtland’s Warbler, a species that would be a lifer for us all.

We are also excited to meet many new people, particularly those we have interacted with online. Let us know if you will be joining us for some fantastic birding, we would love to meet up with folks to enjoy some great migration!

Registration for the event is cheap, and there are lots of good talks, walks, tours and other fun events. Last day to register is April 28th so hurry up and sign up now!

Here are some warbler photos to whet your appetite for spring migration.

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Drew is the founder and editor of Nemesis Bird and now works to curate some of the best content the web has to offer on birding and ornithology from an energetic crew of ornithologists, field researchers, tour leaders and photographers. Drew is originally from PA but now lives in central New York where he is enjoying the long and snowy winters. He has done various bird jobs including bird surveys for the 2nd PA Breeding Bird Atlas, tracked saw-whet owls from dusk to dawn with Scott Weidensaul and counted hawks for several years for Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Drew is an avid lister, especially on smaller scales, and enjoys adding new birds to county, state and life lists. He also enjoys digiscoping and making apps for birders. He is Project Coordinator for the Merlin Project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He is also project manager for the North American Rare Bird Alert.