In the eyrie of the Carrington chicks

Santa Rosa Island Raptor banding 2015

I’ve been working on Santa Rosa Island for the Institute for Wildlife Studies for nearly four months now, monitoring Peregrine Falcon and Bald Eagle nests. This week was banding week on…

Long-tailed Macaque living the dream (photo by Steve Brenner)

What kind of birder are you?

While everyone has a strong opinion on the best ways to get into birding and learn the most, there are really many correct ways to get out and enjoy birding. Every…


eBird receives first-ever conservation honor from American Bird Conservancy – BirdWatching

  Exciting news. eBird – which we already knew was awesome – is being recognized for their contributions and innovations in bird conservation. Every person who has contributed their sightings…

Common goldfields (Lasthenia gracilis) are still abundant
IMG_9599 (1)
Screenshot 2015-04-07 16.39.03

uBirdTV – Kessler’s latest viral hit?

There is a new video out by Jason Kessler, the mastermind behind other great birding related shorts such as Sh*t Birders Say which pretty much went vial in the birding…

Oriental Pratincole (photo by Steve Brenner)

Borneo Big Day

Hank Aaron, Edmund Hillary, Billy Mitchell: record holders and champions of their respective fields. While a big day of birding isn’t exactly the same as reaching the summit of Everest…