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Blog tour logoIn anticipation of the new Crossley Raptor ID guide release, we have this photo ID quiz made by Richard Crossley. See how many you can identify, leave your answers in the linked form, and we will post the answer next week. There are 11 birds in the photo, make sure you identify each one.

Anyone who correctly identifies all the raptors in the photo will be put in a random drawing for a fantastic prize package provided by Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. This includes a gift pack for a family membership to Hawk Mountain, several books, and some other things. ($125 value) I really appreciate Hawk Mountain Sanctuary for providing this prize for the ID contest. A family membership is a great reason to get up on the mountain and put some of the ID skills you learn from the book to use. I’ve spent many hours at Hawk Mountain’s lookouts as both an intern and a volunteer counter for the fall season.

Answer Form

Full-screen mystery raptor plate

Mystery Buteo - hovering (numbered)

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