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Connecticut Warbler at Tuckahoe State Park, Caroline County, MD on 20 September 2014. Photo by Tim Schreckengost.

Connecticut Warbler at Tuckahoe State Park

A few minutes before sunrise this morning, Alex and I made our way to the start of our first transect for the day – Tuckahoe State Park in Caroline County,…


Photo Essay: Iceland birds

Some of you may know, (though most of you probably don’t and why would you?), that I was just in Iceland with my girlfriend, Audrey (everybody please give her a…


The Puffins of Latrabjarg

Puffins are definitely one of those captivating and exciting animals that anyone will enjoy looking at. ¬†Perhaps ¬†it’s their clownish and colorful faces, or superficial resemblance to penguins which draws…

Female Harlequin Duck ignoring the whitewater in Warm Springs Creek, Idaho (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Photo Study – Idaho Harlequin Duck

Whether floating along rocky ocean shorelines or navigating the raging rapids of a mountain stream, Harlequin Ducks are totally at home in rough water. The fast-flowing, high elevation rivers and…

Kirtland's Warbler- Digiscoped with Leica APO Televid 65mm scope using iPhone 5s and a Phone Skope adapter.

Life Looks – Kirtland’s Warbler

I once had a run in with a Kirtland’s Warbler, a debacle which is described in this post. My first visit to the famed migration hotspot, Magee Marsh, and I…

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