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Oriental Pratincole (photo by Steve Brenner)

Borneo Big Day

Hank Aaron, Edmund Hillary, Billy Mitchell: record holders and champions of their respective fields. While a big day of birding isn’t exactly the same as reaching the summit of Everest…

Florida Scrub-Jay

Almost a nemesis

One of my targets for my recent trip to the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival was the Florida’s only endemic bird– the Florida Scrub-Jay, a social member of the corvid…

Common Ground-Dove  (Photo by Nathan Goldberg)
Andy McGann - Couch's Kingbird

Video! Couch’s Kingbird – Allegany County, Maryland

With CBC season on the horizon, this reminds me of an old saying by one of my favorite compilers. “Any yellow birds?? Anything yellow on a Christmas Bird Count is…

Fork-tailed Flycatcher (Photo by Mark Bowman)

One day wonder: Fork-tailed Flycatcher in Illinois!

On Monday, May 12, an email went out to the Illinois birding community that the Bowman brothers (Chris and Mark) had found a Fork-tailed Flycatcher at Gunnar Anderson Forest Preserve in…