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Posts about chasing a rare bird, sometimes getting to see it, other times missing.

Cassin's Kingbird surveying it's territory at the community gardens at Floyd Bennett Field (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Winter Kingbirds of NYC

Remarkably both a Couch’s and Cassin’s Kingbird have taken up residence less than 15 miles apart from each other in New York City, and are so far successfully overwintering despite the…

Male and female Barnacle Geese (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Barnacle Geese – Weir Lake, Monroe County, PA

It’s not often that Barnacle Geese show up in Pennsylvania, in fact there have been less than 20 instances of this beautiful goose in the state, but they are on…

Lark Sparrow - Cumberland County, PA (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Lark Sparrow – Cumberland County, PA

During the January 4th Newville CBC, Ramsay Koury discovered a Lark Sparrow foraging with other sparrows around a brush pile in a new housing development along Peyton Road near Carlisle,…

Townsend's Solitaire (Photo by Nathan Goldberg)

New York Townsend’s Solitaire Plus More

This past Wednesday, Garrett MacDonald, Andrew Dreelin, and I birded in Madison County, New York. Specifically, we decided to chase some Evening Grosbeaks tending to a feeder near the town of…

Immature Northern Gannet (Photo by Nathan Goldberg)

An Upstate Northern Gannet

Today was just another Friday: wake up late and go to my 11:15 class, relax the rest of the afternoon, read some emails, etc. But at around 3:20 PM, Tim…