Blue Heron Wetlands in Titusville FL – a birder’s guide

Tim Schreckengost|

Last year during the World Digiscopers Meeting, there was an outing to a local birding hotspot in Titusville called Blue Heron Wetlands. We spent a few hours in the afternoon sun and wind, which produced very little. Needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed. That was until I revisited the site last week. In this post, I’ll give tips and …

BRRI Hawkwatch: November 20, 2014…rained out!

Anna Fasoli|

Today we were rained out at the BRRI Cattle Landing Hawkwatch (run by Belize Raptor Research Institute). However, rain is not a day-killer here, at least for me; it just means I leave my camera at home (don’t worry, photos at end).  I planned to head to the dump again, but I had not yet been to Belcampo, a nearby …


The Farallones: Far-out and Far-flung

Cameron Rutt|

Spelunking and birding aren’t two hobbies that usually have much in common, unless, perhaps, one is searching for rockfowl in West Africa. I never thought my lack of caving experience was any detriment to my ability to find or identify birds. That is, until I came to the Farallones (Figure 1), a collection of rocky islands thirty miles west of …


Introducing eBird Hotspots Explorer

Drew Weber|

eBird just released an awesome new feature that really lets you figure out great places to bird, as well as giving us new ways to look at our favorite birding spots. Hotspots Explorer is epic! The first view shows a heat map, where you can see which areas of the world have the highest diversity. Not surprisingly, the coast is …


Birding Monroe County

Corey Husic|

Turkey Hill/Cherry Valley Pond

Monroe County is situated in the eastern part of Pennsylvania, and although there are many rural and natural places left in the county, it is also the second fastest-growing county (in terms of human population) in the state. While there are a lot of people, there are very few who seem to avidly bird the area, including the two major …