See the weather in a whole new way

Andy McGann|

Savvy birders are meteorologically astute. They keep an eye out for what may be arriving with the next airmass, wrung out of the skies by an approaching front, or even just a pop-up thunderstorm on an otherwise migration-friendly day. In the age of smartphones and apps, it’s now more convenient than ever to stay abreast of changing weather conditions. Anyone …

A night of strong early migration and then storms

Drew Weber|

Regional Overview In what seems to be a theme recently, migration was broken up over the Northeast by several groups of storms as the high pressure system that brought unseasonably warm temps to many areas got pushed out by the approaching cold front. The storms moved through early, putting a strong damper on the nights migration, but not before many …

More migration plus scattered storms over NY cause fallout

Drew Weber|

Regional Overview It was another night of good migration across the northeastern quarter of the US. Storms slowed down migration in the southeast but birds still were trying to migrate before incoming storms across NY, setting up possible fallout conditions. New Yorkers should be checking inland migrant traps as the weren’t along the lakeshore today.

Strong flight with possible upstate NY fallout

Drew Weber|

Regional Overview Last night was another night of heavy migration. Northward movement was largely unhindered across the eastern US except in western and upstate NY, where are small line of heavy thunderstorms moved east along the Lake Ontario lakeshore and across the Adirondack’s. With the clear path of strong migration the whole way up the East Coast, there should be …

North winds slow migration in east, tonight could be more of the same

Drew Weber|

Regional Overview Ohio and western PA saw heavy migration last night but east of there it was much lighter. Light winds from the north and a stationary front sitting over PA were the cause for the less than exciting migration. That being said, there are a lot of migrants around and many were heading north. Migrant traps should be excellent …

Heavy migration with western NY and PA fallout possibility

Drew Weber|

Regional Overview Migration was very evident on the radar last night, with masses of birds flying north with weather that is finally working in their favor. Storms moved into and over western NY and western PA in the early morning hours, possibly setting up some fallout conditions. We are probably at the peak of migration now, and birds have been …

Another night of storms and strong coastal migration

Drew Weber|

Regional Overview Last night a large front passed through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast which really slowed migration over most of the region except for the coast and just inland from the coast. Albany, New York City and coastal New Jersey are likely to experience some excellent fallout conditions were the front hit some of the strongest migration yet this spring. …

World Series of Birding Migration update

Drew Weber|

Composite NEXRAD for midnight

This should have gone up last night in preparation for the big day but better late than never! The World Series of Birding is a big fundraising event in New Jersey run by New Jersey Audubon. Teams race across the state (or a specific county), tallying up as many species as they can from midnight to midnight. Weather can play …

Strong East Coast flow, Ohio fallout

Drew Weber|

Regional Overview The first strong migration up the East Coast in quite a while, last night should have brought a significant turnover in species to areas that have been severely lacking in spring migrants. The flight was strongest right up the coast while inland it was not quite as strong through the entire night. Diversity should be high at spring …